Government support for the use of domestic downstream rubber industry products has been relatively good. Now the industry must continue to improve its quality to compete. Adiwidjaja Masman, Director of PT Kemenangan, stated this to Media

PT Kemenangan is a rubber processing company specializing in marine products. Founded in 1954, starting from a supplier of goods to the Ministry of Transportation then developed into manufacturing rubber products.

Currently, 70% of its products are rubber fenders for ports with various types. Other rubber products are rubber hoses which are widely used in mining and petroleum, then rubber articles.
PT Kemenangan’s products, when compared to imported products in terms of quality dare to compete, especially in terms of prices, can undoubtedly be cheaper because of higher production costs abroad. But sometimes there are certain government agencies or BUMN in the procurement process that require foreign products (imports) so that Kemenangan cannot enter.

According to Adiwidjaja, his party had reported the incident to the Coordinating Minister for Maritime and Investment. The Deputy Minister summoned BUMN Companies that did not use domestic products and were reprimanded.

The meeting was attended by the Cabinet Secretariat for maritime affairs, BPKP Deputy, BPPT Technology Policy Assessment Deputy, Ministry of Industry, Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, Director General of Customs and Excise, Ministry of Finance, Head of P3DN Center (Increased Use of Domestic Production) and BUMN reported. The forum agreed that TKDN above 40% is a MANDATORY category of goods, so there is no need to import.

This excellent government support must be utilized by improving quality. The problem is that many other domestic producers are pursuing low prices to get projects. While the quality of the product is neglected, such as inserting a filler that is not following the specifications, if it’s like this, then government support will be in vain.

Kemenangan itself makes this government support a whip to improve quality further. Every company profits are returned to new machinery investment, sophisticated software, more advanced testing laboratories and increased human resource capabilities by recruiting competent personnel and continuously improving their skills through training and various seminars at home and abroad.

For rubber fenders, Kemenangan is not just a supplier but has a team of engineers who can design the product so that it fits the condition of the port. The team is a design consultant for port optimization, and the results can be compared with consultants owned by the port. And most of the port owners trust the design results of the Victory Design Team because they have very sophisticated software and superior HR capabilities. This consultation is free of charge.
Kemenenangan produces various types of rubber fenders namely V fender, A fender, Cylindrical fender, cell fender, I fender, square fender, dock/warehouse bumper, element fender, cone fender, D fender, W fender, M fender, tug boat fender, rup strips (boat landing bumper). ***, 05/03/2020