The West Kalimantan Plantation Office confirmed that the rubber factory in its area was still operating amid the COVID-19 outbreak.

The Head of the West Kalimantan Plantation Office, Heronimus Hero, accompanied by the Chairman of the West Kalimantan Indonesian Rubber Company (GAPKINDO), Jusdar and other entourage visited a rubber processing factory at PT Hok Tong Pontianak. The visit was to ensure that the rubber factory amid the COVID-19 outbreak in the field was still operating.
He mentioned that there was an issue during an outbreak of COVID-19 rubber factory closing, it was hoax.

According to Heronimus, there are 12 rubber factories in West Kalimantan, and they are still operating. Even now, most of the farmers are short of stock of rubber raw material.
During the visit, West Kalimantan Kadisbun also saw the quality of rubber entering the factory. According to him, the quality of rubber must indeed be considered because it affects the price.
He added that for quality rubber it is effortless because there is no need to add other ingredients. Farmers only need to tap and have been frozen without being given anything, including rubbish, sand, stone, soil or others.

Meanwhile, Head of PT Hok Tong’s factory, Erik Relvidya Purna P, said that so far his party was still operating, no workers were laid off or laid off. He mentioned that precisely at this time, his side lacked raw materials.

According to him, ideally, the raw material they need in a month is 3,500 tons of rubber. But currently, only 1,500 tons are fulfilled in a month. ***, 30/04/2020