Gabungan Perusahaan Karet Indonesia (GAPKINDO) or the Rubber Association of Indonesia is an association of Indonesian enterprises dealing with natural rubber industry. The objective of GAPKINDO is to develop and improve production, processing and marketing of Indonesian natural rubber as one of the main export commodity from Indonesia. 


GAPKINDO was founded in Jakarta on May 25, 1971 during the peak of movement to establish production of technically specified rubber in Indonesia, which is presently well-known as Standard Indonesian Rubber (SIR). At first, the name of the association was Persatuan Pengusaha Karet Spesifikasi Teknis Indonesia (PPKSTI) or the Indonesian Association of Technically Specified Rubber Producers. This was later changed to GAPKINDO, hence The Rubber Association of Indonesia to include also producers of others types of natural rubber, traders and buyer representatives.


GAPKINDO organization consists of a Governing Board in the Jakarta Secretariat and Branches in each rubber producing area, namely North Sumatera (including Aceh), West Sumatera, Riau, Jambi, South Sumatera, Bengkulu, Lampung, West Kalimantan, South & Central Kalimantan, and Jawa. GAPKINDO holds its Congress regularly once every three years to direct the policy of the association and to elect a new Governing Board. To conduct the policy, the Board appoints an Executive Director, Assistant Executive Director and an Office Manager to take care of daily activities of the Secretariat. 


Members of GAPKINDO comprise of rubber plantation companies (state-owned, private-national as well as foreign-capital), processors, exporters, traders (brokers, dealers) and buyer representatives. Currently, the number of GAPKINDO members is 164 companies which is dominated by processor mainly for Standard Indonesia Rubber processing.  In 2019 Indonesia produced amount of 3,3 million ton of natural rubber and of which around 97% was TSR mainly TSR 20 and the rest are Ribbed Smoked Sheet (RSS), concentrated latex and other type of grade. 

Governing Board of GAPKINDO


Daud Husni Bastari

Asril Sutan Amir

Martinus S. Sinarya

Moagraha Gunawan

Husdi Gunawan

Board of Management

PT Bitung Gunasejahtera

Alex Kurniawan Edy


Vice Chairman for Production

Vincentius Oei

Vice Chairman for Organization

PT Virginia Rubber Company

Timmie Melvin

Vice Chairman for Finance

PT Bitung Gunasejahtera

Widyantoko Sumarlin

Vice Chairman for Marketing

Vice Chairman for Production

K. Sumarto

Vice Chairman for Production

PT Virginia Rubber Company

Vargo Gunawan



PT Rubber Hock Lie

Ishak Leono

PT Lembah Karet

Bintoro Suryono T

PT Andalas Agrolestari

Andre Gomulia

PT Angkasa Raya Djambi


PT Batanghari Bengkulu Pratama

Azwardi Prasetya

PT Gadjah Ruku

Irwan Mualim

PT Menggala Berseri

Hi.M. Hermansyah TB

PT Insan Bonafide

Andreas Winata

PT Hok Tong


PT PP Bajabang Indonesia


GAPKINDO Secretariat

Erwin Tunas

Executive Director

Uhendi Haris

Assistant Executive Director

Angga Eko Emzar

Assistant Executive Director


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